Highly Customizable, Fully Integrated Clinical EMR, Billing and Administration for Medium and Large Healthcare Centers. Our complete Healthcare Management System (HCMS) has 32 different integrated modules available at web, desktop, cloud and mobile platform for you to choose from. Automate your complex healthcare operation with HCIS for better & efficient outcomes.

Mobile Application Based

Web Based

Patient Administration

Patient Billing

Patient Admission

Patient Discharge

File Management System

Medical Record System

Laboratory Information System

Lab Equipment Interface

Radiology Reporting System

Emergency Patient Management System

Inpatient Clinical Information System

Out patient Clinical Information System

OT Management System

Medical Discharge Summary System

Doctor Fraction

Pharmacy Management Information System

General Inventory & Procurement Management

Integrated Accounting Management System

Assets Information Management System

Leave Management System

Payroll Accounting System

Personal Information System

Patient Information MIS

Hospital Revene MIS

Financial MIS

Managerial Reporting - Statistical Reporting

Health Insurance

Social Security Fund