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Midas Health Services is a leading healthcare Information system solution provider in Nepal.

IME Group

The IME Group is a business conglomerate, established in 2001 by Chandra Prasad Dhakal and Hem Raj Dhakal, has many successful investments in banking, remittance, trading, IT, communications, energy, tourism, automobiles, insurance and infotainment. All of the IME Group businesses are pioneering their respective areas and are surging ahead in the country’s business landscape. The company headquarters are in Kathmandu, Nepal. The IME Group believes in providing ethical services and superior products to its valued customers and stakeholders in the most convenient and accessible way. So much of IME’s history is tied to the belief of serving people and delivering superior goods and services. IME, throughout its history, has been dedicated to making a difference in the lives of its customers. The timeline shows how IME Group started, the areas it has successfully pioneered, as well as the prospects for the future.

Midas Health Services

Midas Health Services is a leading healthcare Information system solution provider in Nepal. Our system solution sustains and enhances healthcare services in Nepal. It’s backed by over 20 years of experienced team members, many of whom are expert domain consultants and accomplished professionals with extensive work experience in healthcare ERP system solutions. We focus on improving outcomes of our healthcare partners and redefine patient care.

With the introduction of Mero Doctor - a cloud-based healthcare service platform designed for individual doctors, healthcare institutions and patient to bridge the medical gap through online video-consultation, online appointment and EMR; we are determined to mark a significant step forward in further embracing the strength of digital and mobile technology, to make health services more inclusive and affordable, particularly for underserved and rural patient nationwide.

For more than 20 years, Midas Health Services has built a strong reputation for offering a trustworthy, secure and reliable hospital management solution for our health partners in Nepal. We are committed to providing a wide-range of healthcare solutions to ensure our health partner can provide efficient service to their patient.

We started as a hospital management system solution start-up, now our aim and focus is to evolve into an integrated healthcare system solution provider with an aim to create a health ecosystem by connecting patients, doctors, pharmacies, diagnostics, clinics, public health centers, and hospitals all backed by cashless insurance for the peace of mind for all individual patients of Nepal. Therefore, we are looking to create health ecosystem backed by technology but based on integrations with right partners for maximum synergy.


Hem Raj Dhakal

Chairman / Group Managing Director

Chhatra Hari Karki

Managing Director

Ankit Singh Bhandari

Chief Executive Officer

Bidur Karki

Technical Director

Nabaraj Karki

General Manager

Rajib Karki

Senior Business Manager

Amrit Maharjan

Product Implementation Manager