Hospital Management and Information System - HMIS, Collection, compilation, analysis and interpretation of data for effective use as information which helps in better planning, monitoring and control of medical and health services which also helps in improving of the efficiency and Performance of health delivery system.
Modules We Are Providing
Our entire project is the integrated system of different modules, based on different tools and techniques. The project is designed in such a way that these modules can be added phase by phase and also has space for further development.
We provide MiDas Dr.HoMS for HMIS
MiDas Doctor HoMS
We provide following modules under MiDas Doctor HoMS:

  • Call Centre
  • Patient Appointment
  • Customer Care/Information Desk
  • Health Membership
  • Out Patient Registration
  • Follow-Up Patient Registration
  • Emergency Patient Registration System
  • Nurse Triage
  • Out Patient Clinical Information System
  • Patient Billing System
  • Patient Admission & Bed Management System
  • Nursing Station
  • Operation Theater
  • Patient Nutrition
  • Inpatient Medical Information System
  • Patient Discharge & Billing System
  • Patient Medical Record & Statistics System
  • Vaccine Schedule Information System
  • Insurance Tracking System

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